2015 Annual Conference

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 November 12th – 14th, 2015Savannah State University, Savannah, GA

Conference Theme: International Trade, Supply Chains, and Emerging Markets
Submission Deadline Extended: August 2, 2015

Due to huge demand and submission requests, we are extending the submission deadline till August 2 (Sunday).

All submissions will be handled through the AIB-SE online submission system.

Globalization has led to establishment of long and complex supply networks, with many entities located in emerging economies such as China [1]. The rising trends of globalization and global sourcing has helped international supply chains spread worldwide with strong (and often) indispensable linkages with emerging economies. This worldwide phenomenon has aided emerging markets towards the path for development, but it is challenging for companies to design and manage these global supply chains that support the execution of companies’ international strategies while being responsive to ever-increasing customer demands. Global supply chains spanning countries and continents are subjected to environmental uncertainties, for example, long and unpredictable lead times, which makes managing international trade and global supply chains challenging, interesting and worth researching. As products and services move across national boundaries and geographical areas, it has created ample opportunities for research in the areas of international trade, global supply chains and emerging markets.admin_person[1] Marucheck, A., Greis, N., Mena, C., & Cai, L. (2011). Product safety and security in the global supply chain: Issues, challenges and research opportunities. Journal of Operations Management, 29(7), 707-720.