2015 Panelists


Thank you very much for having contributed to a high-quality panel proposal for the upcoming AIB-SE 2015 Annual Meeting. We look forward to welcoming you to Savannah, GA! In preparation, this page provides some guidance with regard to the organization of the panel session based on the collective experience of former program committees. While many of you are already very experienced at presenting conference papers and participating on panels, for others this will be a first-time experience. In either case, we hope that you will find these suggestions helpful.


If you do not know yet the full composition of your panel, then please check the details of your session by going to the AIB-SE website.

Once you have assembled everyone’s e-mail address, please e-mail EVERYONE in your session. If you intend to make a formal presentation, send them an electronic copy of your presentation. Everyone on the panel, not just the chair, should have a copy of all the presentations ahead of time. If you do not intend to make formal remarks, please let the other panelists know that. In this way, everyone will have a complete set of any formal presentations before the meetings start. Reading these materials ahead of time is critical for having a well-coordinated and integrated discussion at the panel.


Panels are expected to be interactive and integrated. Please make sure that each panelist fills a clear role to meet this goal. Make sure to leave plenty of room for audience interaction.


Please bring your presentations in the form of a PowerPoint file on a USB Memory Stick. To figure out how many individual PowerPoint slides you can reasonably present within your time slot, divide the number of minutes you have by two (that is, if you have 15 minutes, prepare no more than 7 or 8 slides). Your slides should be printed in a minimum of 18-20 point font, (preferably in ARIAL as it is easier to read from a distance) in order for your text to be seen from the audience.We cannot control which fonts will be available on these computers, so please do not use any fonts outside of Arial and Times New Roman (or other standard Windows fonts) to make sure your presentation looks as intended.


As a reminder, in our guidelines for panel proposals, we stressed the objective of having panels with a coherent and well-integrated discussion around a common theme. Thus, we encourage panels that devote most or all of the time to a managed exchange among the panelists, each answering or discussing questions in common (probably using at least some prepared questions, with a moderator to keep the discussion on track). We are not interested in panel participants simply presenting their own research in isolation from their fellow panelists.

Panels are not intended to be replicas of competitive paper sessions, in which you present your own work with only a limited regard for the perspectives of the other session contributors. Panels can be run in various formats: roundtables with no formal papers, traditional presentations of competitive or work-in-progress papers tightly integrated around a specific topic, innovative presentations utilizing software or film, and professional development workshops. Whatever format your group has decided upon for your panel, please keep in mind that the objective is to generate a cohesive discussion among panel members as well as between you and the audience.


It is very helpful for session participants to meet 10 minutes BEFORE the session starts so that everyone can be introduced, the equipment can be checked, handouts distributed, and presentations checked, to avoid having to do this in the time of the session itself. So, please arrive early for your own session. Your prompt appearance will relieve the chair of the anxiety of worrying whether you will be there or not. It also means the session can start on time. It would be advisable to give your session chair your room number in the hotel or a mobile telephone number where you can be reached should an emergency occur. If that unwelcome emergency does occur and you cannot make the session, please let your session chair know as soon as possible. Please also inform the AIB Registration Desk at the conference so the information can be passed along to us.

We hope you find the above suggestions useful and we look forward to seeing you in Savannah!