2016 Methodology Seminars

2016 AIBSE Annual Conference


For those planning to attend the survey methodology workshops, this is on a space available basis. We have several options during the conference where we have scheduled the workshop sessions but they are limited seating, first come, first served.  You will want to bring your laptop to fully benefit from the workshop as it will be interactive and you will be working directly in Qualtrics.  As part of your conference amenities, We have provided you with a WIFI device code to allow you to log in online during the workshop.

We are pleased to announce that Carol Haney from the survey research giant Qualtrics, will provide her expertise regarding Online Survey Research.  Carol’s bio is provided below, and having worked at SPSS and currently at Qualtrics is well qualified to answer questions regarding online survey research technique as well as issues regarding analysis.  Two sessions will be offered free to conference participants.  Please reserve your seat for the seminars on the 2016 AIBSE conference registration form, as space is limited.  These sessions may become workshop format sessions if wifi is capable of handling the session on the ship. Since we cannot count on wifi strength and availability, we will plan for a seminar style with the option to become more of a workshop if conditions allow.  More information will be provided when it becomes available.

  • Introduction to Online Survey Methodology.  This seminar/workshop is aimed at researchers new to online survey research or needing a refresher course.
  • Advanced Online Survey Methodology. This seminar/workshop is aimed at researchers who are looking to solve common issues faced in online survey research and up to date solutions.

In addition, for those who have specific questions that are not answered during the seminar/workshops and the included Q&A,  Carol has made herself available to meet (space available) in small group or individual meetings.



Carol Haney

Senior Research Scientist, Qualtrics









Presenter Bio
Carol Haney has been in market and social (government) research for a little over 20 years. Her principal research areas are online quantitative research and textual analysis, specifically with social media data, and was a co-author of multiple chapters in Social Media, Sociality, and Survey Research, published by Wiley in 2013. Carol currently leads all the formative research for the CDC’s anti-smoking ads (the hard-hitting ones you see on TV). Carol has worked for full-service market research agencies Harris Interactive and TNS Global and social research organization NORC as well as for SPSS (as part of the team that created the Dimensions product line).

Her technical skillset is focused on quantitative data collection and analysis. For government and academic clients, she is certified in human subjects research through the University of Miami’s Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). Carol has worked across solutions such as concept and ad testing, market strategy, brand communications, product and service innovation, performance measurement, and stakeholder relationships.