Chapter Information

The Academy of International Business Southeast (AIB-SE) USA is one of the two largest and most active regional divisions of the Academy of International Business’s 16 worldwide divisions. AIB-SE supports an annual conference, a journal, and a doctoral consortium.

AIB-SE’s annual conference centers on the presentation of the newest ideas in international business to an international audience of academic scholars and business practitioners. The conference is characterized by a strong developmental focus, providing participants with a supportive and collegial platform to discuss and develop ideas, and mentoring and helping authors enhance their papers for publication. Last year’s conference, which was held on the campus of Rollins College in Orlando, was attended by participants from 25 countries representing 6 continents. It featured competitive and interactive paper sessions, a variety of panels on and around our annual theme, a doctoral student consortium and meet-the-editors session, a journal paper development workshop sponsored by Thunderbird International Business Review, a concert and several social networking events, including a cocktail welcome reception, gala dinner and award ceremony and annual luncheon.

Furthermore, in addition to publishing our annual conference proceedings, the best conference papers have been considered for publication in two special issues, one with Thunderbird International Business Review on Emerging Markets, and one with AIB-SE’s own journal, International Business: Research, Teaching and Practice.

AIB-SE’s mission of fostering education and advancing professional standards in the field of international business is achieved through the organization’s main objectives:

  1. Facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among educators and between business and academic fields.
  2. Encouraging and assisting research activities which advance knowledge of international business operations and increase the available body of teaching materials.
  3. Cooperating whenever possible with government, business and academic organizations for the furtherance of these basic objectives. However, to avoid the compromise of the intellectual integrity of its members, the AIB-SE does not adopt a partisan position on any matter involving particularistic interests (either private or public).
  4. Supporting the activities of the parent organization, the Academy of International Business; and in particular, to increase the membership of that Academy.
  5. AIB-SE distinguishes itself from other academic conferences through its developmental character:
  6. Presenter-friendly conference ambience that provides a forum for constructive feedback and fruitful discussion among peers
  7. Involvement of PhD students in doctoral consortium and guidance to develop their work toward publication
  8. Encouragement of young scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students, to develop their work and interact with accomplished researchers and teachers in the field of international business
  9. Encouragement of scholars from developing countries to attend our conference through travel stipends and facilitation of their efforts to publish in US journals
  10. Special conference features include meet-the-editors sessions of academic journals and special issues as well as paper development workshops and panels

The establishment of the Academy of International Business, Southeast USA can be traced back to 1976.