Would you like to be affiliated with AIB-US Southeast?

We are a regional chapter of the Academy of International Business AIB and official voting membership in AIB US Southeast is part of the membership to AIB. You do not need to reside in the Southeastern US or in the US at all to be affiliated with our chapter!

To Join, click on the link “Membership Registration” listed below and indicate that you want to be affiliated with the AIB-US Southeast Chapter.

AIB-SE Listserv
If you would like to join the AIB US Southeast listserv (Friends of AIBSE) email us at (  This listserv is used only for providing information to our members and does not post any messages unless considered of direct relevance e.g. Chapter business. We do not repost messages sent out to the AIB-L listserv, so you will need to belong to both to receive all messages.

Member resources – AIB Resources

Membership Registration – AIB World Registration

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