AIB-SE Note to Reviewers

AIB-SE – Note to Reviewers

1.   Review Process:

  • This is a very important process. The conference would not be possible without your careful and constructive contribution.
  • Each year, AIB-SE provides two “Best Reviewer Awards.” The winners of the awards are recognized with a certificate and a cash prize.

2.   Deadline:

  • The deadline for reviews is critical. Our schedule is extremely tight. If one reviewer out of two or three is late, it can delay the whole process, and ultimately will cause serious problems in composing the conference program.
  • Please send your review as soon as possible. If you cannot respond within the stated time period, immediately notify the track chair so that the paper sent to you can be re-assigned.

3.    Review Suggestions:

  • AIB-SE is designed to be a developmental conference and we take great pride in providing developmental reviews and sessions filled with feedback and discussion.
  • In your review, be as precise, constructive, and detail-oriented as you can. It is important that authors learn from the reviews. If you think the paper should be rejected, make sure to tell the author what is wrong with this paper. If the judgment is positive, identify the strengths of a manuscript. Try to judge the paper on how well it stimulates thinking and discussion. Be consistent: a good comment corresponds to a good mark and vice versa. Please do try to provide feedback one way or another specific to the paper.
  • Please use a friendly tone. Remember, these are all your colleagues.
  • Also, please keep in mind that these are submissions to a conference, not a journal so please review them accordingly. This means that your reviews should take into account the somewhat more lenient acceptance rates at conferences.
  • Check that the references included are up-to-date and accurate with the field. If not, please note it in your review.
  • As a rule of thumb, please try to provide at least a page’s worth of constructive comments for each paper.

4.   Competitive vs. Interactive Sessions:

  • A paper submitted as “Competitive” can be accepted to either a “Competitive” or an “Interactive” session. In competitive sessions authors will present the papers to the audience in about 15 minutes. Therefore, only more mature and developed papers should be recommended for “Competitive” sessions.
  • Interactive sessions encourage informal feedback for the author through a roundtable format discussion with other researchers with similar interests. Therefore, papers that exhibit a potential to contribute to the field, but seem more work-in-progress, should be recommended to be accepted as “Interactive.”
  • If a paper has been submitted as “Interactive,” you can only recommend it be included in “Interactive” sessions. If an author has submitted the manuscripts for an Interactive session, they recognize that it’s work-in-process, so please review it accordingly.

We recognize reviewing requires a significant time commitment and we sincerely appreciate your contributions to AIB-SE and to the field of international business by taking on this selfless task. Thank you!