2009 Conference

Conference Proceeding 2009: AIB2009Proceeding

Conference Program 2009:  AIB2009Program

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Academy of International Business – Southeast USA 2009 Annual Meeting. We have 45 + very interesting papers and two panel sessions that are being presented this year from authors with ties to 15 + countries. In addition, we have had excellent participation from Ph.D. students and their advisors. We hope to see all of you continue your association with AIB-SE.

We sincerely appreciate the generous support from the University of North Florida, Coggin College of Business’ International Business Flagship Program. The Flagship’s support allowed us to enhance our conference without increasing the cost to our participants and as a result you will enjoy the networking opportunities created through Conference receptions on the evenings of October 28 and 29, and lunches on the October 29 and 30. We also acknowledge the time and support of all our Coggin College of Business colleagues, many of whom we imposed upon to review your submissions.

Our proceedings Editor this year is Ping Ying Zhang of the University of North Florida. Everyone should have received a CD copy of our Proceedings with your registration package. AIB-SE publishes our Proceedings abstracts on our Home Page. If you have any changes or additions that you wish to make to your abstract, please have them to Dr. Zhang by Friday, November 12. We are very pleased with the overall high quality and content of the submissions that we have included in our 2009 program and we look forward to seeing the best of these published in our journal International Business: Research, Teaching, and Practice.

We thank all of the authors, reviewers, discussants, and session chairs for their hard work. This conference would not be possible without the support of all of our hard-working members. If you are not already over-committed or actively involved in a professional organization, we encourage you to become actively engaged with AIB-SE; we are a growing organization and we welcome new members who want to participate in leadership roles. As a member of AIB-SE, you can make a difference. Next year’s 2010 annual meeting will be held in St Petersburg Beach, FL in conjunction with Southern Management Association.

We hope you will join us there. We hope you enjoy this conference and Jacksonville Beach. Keep AIB-SE and International Business: Research, Teaching, and Practice in mind as you consider outlets for your research activity for both conference and journal submissions.